Detailní aplikace suchého séra v podobě masky Respibeauty®

How to I apply the Respibeauty dry serum?

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To avoid loss of the active substances, it is very important to follow the correct procedure for applying the dry serum mask. Although you can find instructions on the back of the Respibeauty® box, here we have broken it down for you into 17 easy steps.


1. Locate a dry environment

The dry serum mask should only be applied in a dry location. This is because Respibeauty is highly reactive to water and humidity. The ideal temperature for dry serum use is 19–25 °C (66–78 °F). Therefore, try to avoid using it in the bathroom after a hot shower, when steam remains. Once you have found a suitable place and are ready to apply the dry serum, cleanse your face thoroughly. Use ordinary micellar water for cleansing.

2. Open the Respibeauty package
One you open the Respibeauty package and take the dry serum packet out, it is necessary to shake the packet so that the patches inside are at the bottom and do not get torn when opening it.

3. Pull open the dry serum packet

Gently pull open the dry serum packet. We do not recommend the use of scissors, as they may damage the contents.


4. Take the dry serum from the packet

Your hands need to be dry when taking Respibeauty out of the packet to prevent any moisture from coming into contact with it and damaging it. Inside, there are three dry serum patches in mask form. The largest patch is for applying to the forehead, and the other two on the cheeks, so that they spread out around the eyes and nose.


5. Prepare the dry serum for use

Be careful to avoid the patches getting into contact with moisture before applying to your face. Check that you have all the patches before applying.


6. Moisten your face

Moisten your face (we recommend using a spray, atomizer, or cotton patches). Although it is important that the dry serum does not come into contact with moisture before application, it is necessary that it does so during application.


7. Ready the first smaller patch for application

Hold one of the smaller patches with dry fingers and get it ready for application. Always handle the patches with the white cover layer facing you.


8. Remove the white cover layer from the dry serum

Fold the green layer over the white paper layer and straighten again.


9. Separate the white cover layer from the green one

Carefully remove the white paper cover layer from the green one so that the active dry serum remains intact upon the green base.

  10. The dry serum is ready for application

After carrying out the above steps, the dry serum mask is ready for application.


11. Check correct application

The smaller dry serum mask patches should go below the eyes and along the nose.


12. Apply the dry serum to the skin

Apply the dry serum to your moistened skin. Be careful not to touch it with your fingers before applying it to your face.


13. Apply the remaining two Respibeauty patches  

Now it is time to apply the other two Respibeauty patches. Carry out the above steps again. The smaller patch is applied to the other cheek, the larger one to the forehead.


14. Wait 3 seconds

After applying all three Respibeauty dry serum mask patches, wait a mere 3 seconds for the serum to penetrate the skin. Afterwards, remove the remaining green layer.  


15. Moisten the undissolved parts

If, after removing the green layer, there are still undissolved white spots remaining on your face, remoisten those places.


16. Massage the undissolved parts into your skin

After moistening the undissolved white spots of dry serum, massage them into the skin with your fingertips.


17. Let your skin dry

This should take only 30–60 seconds. After your skin is dry, you can immediately apply any other kinds of cosmetics, make-up, creams – basically, anything you want. Since Respibeauty is made in an environmentally-friendly way, we kindly ask that you dispose of the packaging, etc. in an ecologically-safe manner.


After application, there is no need to wait before going to the sauna, swimming, running, or engaging in any other activity. The dry serum in mask form penetrates deeply into the skin, providing you not only with 100% active ingredients, but also supporting production of your own collagen.

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