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Winter skin care routine

 Winter skin care routine mob  Winter skin care routine pc

Compared to other seasons, the changeable winter weather makes our skin more sensitive. That is why proper care of its outer, but also inner layers, is so important on winter days. Here is our advice on how to tell what your skin needs in winter and how to give it the care that it needs.

Why is the skin more vulnerable in winter?

In winter, we move from warm to cold environments several times a day. This confuses and strains our skin, which is why it loses a lot of moisture which it naturally contains. Our skin then loses its ability to retain moisture and becomes dehydrated. What is more, the use of inadequate cosmetics in winter makes the skin to lose its protective fatty layer which results in chapped, scaled, reddened, or dry skin. These conditions make it hard for women to apply make-up because scaled and dry skin then gets even more pronounced. An already strained skin is then under attack from aggressive bacteria and other air-borne contaminants. Besides that, acne tends to worsen in winter. That is why it is important to put on a protective shield and fend off all these negative influences the best you can.

How to give your skin a protective shield

As it was said earlier, our skin needs special care in winter. And not just on the surface but also in deep layers with the help of vitamins, a proper daily routine, and by staying hydrated. More about that later. Here is our advice and tips about how to take care of your skin on the outside.

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Stay hydrated

As much as it is important for our skin to drink plenty of water, one should not forget to hydrate it on the outside as well. Use cosmetics which make your skin to lock in the moisture and which won’t let it evaporate quickly.

Cleanse your skin regularly

Regular cleansing of the skin should not be underestimated even in winter. It is best to do it twice a day – mornings and evenings – yet evenings are more important. In the evening, make-up along with various contaminants should be removed. Proper cleansing will prime your skin before regenerating in the night.

Use sun protection

We know that winter may not seem like the time of the year that makes sun protection a priority. But the sun shines in winter too, and it can cause your skin to age and wrinkle. Therefore, even in winter use cosmetics that can protect you from UV rays.

Protect your skin from pollutants

A multitude of bacteria and contaminants, such as dust, or smog, constantly adhere to our skin. No matter if you are walking down the street, spending your time in the office, or resting on the couch at home. All situations demand a long-lasting protective shield.

Give your skin a chance to regenerate

The key to healthy skin is good condition of your skin cells. Stress that is linked to bad air quality, thermal shock, and UV rays has a negative effect on skin cells and brings about skin aging. This is the reason why it is important to give your skin proper treatment which will increase its innate barrier function, eliminate the effects of pollutants, and support the natural condition of the cells in its deep layers.

Of course, it would be best if your skin could get all that is necessary at once. And that is why the Respibeauty dry serum in mask form delivers proper hydration, 100% active substances, protects your skin from UV rays, gives it a 24-hour protective shield, provides 9–12 hours of sustenance, and as a bonus, reduces wrinkles by up to 20% after 7 days of use. So don’t hesitate and give your skin a complex treatment. When there comes a time when summer asks what you did in winter, your healthy skin will be the best answer.

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