Proč suché sérum v podobě masky?

Why DrySerum in mask form?

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In the case of Respibeauty®, we decided instead of ordinary wet serums to go the road of dry serum in mask form. And not just for appearance’s sake, but for a number of other very good reasons. Let’s take a look at some.

Why is Respibeauty in mask form?

Ordinary cosmetics, mostly wet serums, contain up to 70% water. You are thus throwing your money away on water, and at the same time water means the cosmetics contain preservatives and additives, to prevent them from going off. Thanks to being in mask form and to the NUENEX® technology, which is undergoing patent approval and upon which the dry serum is based, Respibeauty contains only 100% active ingredients and is effective on all skin types. Plus, its production is ecological and environmentally-safe.

The dry serum form means it can be applied evenly, to cover all the soft tissues which cause wrinkles. Respibeauty effectively and actively reduces these, up to 20% in only 7 days.

Application takes less than a minute.

Really. And that’s from opening the package to application on the face, to absorption of the very last nanofiber. What is more, immediately after applying the dry serum mask, you can apply make-up at will, go swimming, even exercise. Compared to conventional serums and hydrogel masks, you will save precious time.

But that’s not all: Respibeauty also works as a 24-hour protective shield against hostile environments such as UV rays, dust, smog, or any other airborne pollutants.

Plus, the dry serum mask is waterless, it provides 9–12 hours of sustenance, does not dry out the skin, supports the creation of your own collagen, and is environmentally-safe. Because we know your skin deserves the best.

rychlost vstrebavani RESPIBEAUTY

How often do you have to apply the Respibeauty REJUVENATOR cosmetic program to achieve the desired effects?

Apply the mask anytime for the first four days, then for the next three days mornings and evenings.

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